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Adami Music Academy


Required Information

Adami Music Academy requires certain information for enrollment. 

The contact information for the student, the parent, and an emergency contact information. 



Adami Music Academy is closed on the following days.

-Thanksgiving day.

-December 24, 25, & 31.

-January 1.

-July 4.

*If the student's schedules lesson falls during the above mentioned dates, there will be no class on that day and the student will not be charged for that lesson.

Adami Music Academy Optional Breaks.

-Thanksgiving week.

-December 26-30.

-Spring break. (Coinciding with the spring break of the school district nearest to the location of Adami Music Academy)

-Summer break is an optional 4 week break. The 4 week break can be used between

months of June through August. It can be used consecutively or can be broken into few weeks in each month. As an example, with prior notice to the academy, the student can take 4 weeks off in the month of June, or use 2 weeks in June and 2 weeks in August.

*The Optional Breaks are breaks that the student can either take or not, during the mentioned dates. In the case of taking them, student must notify the school via written confirmation, such as email, 7 days prior the start of the month for which the break will be taken.

For example if the student wishes to not attend the week of Thanksgiving, the student must notify the school no later than 7 days before 1st of November. 

If the student fails to notify the school ON TIME regarding the optional break, the lesson will be charged, regardless if they attend it or not.


Trial Lesson

Adami Music Academy requires all new students to schedule a Trial Lesson.

The Trial Lesson will cover 3 topics:

  1. Introduction, and Q&A with the student or the guardian regarding their musical knowledge and artistic background. 

  2. Assessing student's musical comprehension, as well as attention capabilities. 

  3. Answering questions regarding rules and policies mandated by the academy.


The Trial Lesson is approximately 30 minutes long. 

The Trial Lesson is free.

Payment Plans

Adami Music Academy offers 3 payments plans:

  1. Full year plan (Payment is made for the entire year).

  2. Quarterly Plan (Payments are made in 4 installments. Installment 1 on August 20, Installment 2 on November 11, Installment 3 on January 27, and Installment 4 on April 13).

  3. Monthly Plan (Payments are made on monthly basis, on the 1st of each month).


Payment Methods

Payments are Auto Pay on credit card or bank charges.
On certain circumstances we also accept other forms of payment such as Cash, Checks, Money Order, or a valid credit or debit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard). Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to Adami Music Academy.


Payment Errors

Incase of a returned check there will be a $35 fee.

Incase of a delayed auto pay card payment, there will be a $25 fee.

Lessons will be on hold if the payment is not postmarked 7 business days after the due dates. 



There will be no refunds or class credits offered for any student absences. 


Photo/Video Release

Photographs and/or videos taken of the students, may be used for the publicity of the Adami Music Academy


By Signing up at Adami Music Academy, you are granting the permission of photo/video to Adami Music Academy. You understand that you/your child’s Photo, Video, and Audio, can be used in Print, Video, or Online media, for an extended period of time for promotion of the Adami Music Academy.

Furthermore, you understand that Adami Music Academy will not offer any form of payment, including financial or any other remuneration for use of you/your child’s photo, video, audio.

If you have any specific issue regarding you/your child’s participation in any photograph, video, or audio, please contact us to have your request placed. 


Building Rules

Cellphones are prohibited to be used in the classrooms. 

Food and beverages are not allowed in any of the studios or classrooms.

The waiting area must remain quiet and organized.

Do not disturb any of the teachers belongings. 

The artwork at Adami Music Academy must remain untouched. 

Students who are found to be defacing the property of Adami Music Academy will be fined minimum of $250. 

Adami Music Academy does not provide supervision for the students that are left alone before or after the lessons. Should a student wait for the guardian to be picked up, must remain in the waiting area quietly to be picked up by the guardian. 

Young children that are not being given lesson at Adami Music Academy, are welcome to remain in the waiting area so long as they are being supervised by a caregiver. 

Under no circumstances will the building, the parking lot, or any room in the school be used as playground.

Any suspicious activity must be reported to the Adami Music Academy personnel immediately.


General Program Policies

Adami Music Academy admits students of any race, color, national/ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion affiliation, and ability. It does not discriminate in its admission, retention, financial aid, scholarship, educational policies, or school administered programs. 


Request to change instructor must be submitted to the office after the matter has been discussed with the teacher. 


Adami Music Academy reserves the right to dismiss any students due to lack of interest, absences (more than 2 consecutive lessons), tardiness, behavioral problems, non-payment, or failure to abide by the school policies. In most cases the teacher and/or the school will place the student in a 4 week probation period. Failure to comply with the terms or probation will result in immediate dismissal of the student from Adami Music Academy


Trial Period

There is a 2 month trail period, in which time the teacher will better assess the student’s general discipline required in private lessons, as well as the performance during class and the practiced done at home. After the trial period, the teacher will notify the school if the student is fit for the standards of the academy. 


Lessons and Class Procedures

Students are required to arrive to their lessons promptly. In case of a late student, the lesson will end on scheduled time. The teachers will wait only 15 minutes for the students. 


The students are expected to arrive prepared for all lessons.


The school will provide the information about the required materials. 

Unless materials are purchased through Adami Music Academy, it is the students’ responsibility to purchase, prepare, and have all the required materials. 


The private lessons will involve physical contact by the teacher. By enrolling at Adami Music Academy, students and parents consent to such appropriate contact. Any concerns regarding this matter, must be discussed by the teacher in front of the school principal, vice president, or the artistic director. 


The student must be dressed appropriately, no basketball shorts, no flip flops or slide on sandals, and no provocative attire is permitted. 



Students should notify the school of any absences; this does not exempt the student from payment as contracted.


Adami Music Academy does not offer make-up lessons, nor it offers refunds for student absences. 

If a teacher is absent, a make-up lesson will be offered. If the student misses a make-up, there will be no second make-up offered, and payment will be required as in a regular student absence. 


Termination or Pause of the lessons must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the next month/billing cycle.

Termination or Pause for the lessons cannot be applied to the current month that the lessons are being taken.  


The teacher will submit the student’s name to the main office and will notify the student of the recital opportunity. 

It is required by Adami Music Academy for the students to remain quiet after their performance in respect for the following performer. 

It is also a courtesy to stay until the end of the recital, as a sign of respect to other performers. Therefore be available for the entire duration of the concert. 

The recital fee will be announced during the announcement of the recital date.

Policy Disclaimer

The Mentioned Policies are subject to change at sole discretion of Adami Music Academy. We encourage you to refer to our policy periodically for any updates.

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