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Teaching Philosophy

     Education combined with wisdom is the only salvation for mankind.


     At Adami Music Academy, we believe that teaching is one of the most sacred professions on earth. It can enable humans to achieve incredible goals, from carving mountains, to paving the path of man-kind into the universe. To be more precise, the future of a nation, relies on its level of education, and on the shoulders of its educators. 


     Our main focus in the realm of education, is the student. If the student is the seed, then the teacher is the nutrition the seed needs to grow. With that in mind, whether it is a private lesson, or a classroom filled with students; we strive that every student grasps the knowledge they need, to succeed both as individual performing artist, and as music educators, for the generations to come.


     One of the main challenges that a teacher faces with the students, is their lack of discipline, and belief in perfection. At Adami Music Academy, we consider as part of our duties, to make sure our students develop at least one of these qualities; because only one is enough, to create the need of achieving the other. 

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Portrait of J. Brahms by Varand Toros-Adami

     It is vital to mention, that all the tasks and goals mentioned above, is to serve the final goal; which is to find the meaning of the pieces the students study, and make the connection between the pieces, and the high morals that they need to obtain as an artist. Ultimately, this will make them a complete, and almost to the point of perfection humans. 


     Guided by these high morals, they will be able to pass on their knowledge, beliefs, and wisdom to the next generations. And soon enough, we will have the society, that will be able to guide the world to the ultimate beauty and perfection.

     With over 40 years of experience in piano pedagogy, the Markarians method has proven to be the most efficient and effective method, in teaching classical piano for all ages regardless of their experience. 


     The graduates of Markarians Method are scattered throughout the world, teaching classical music to all ages. Examples of the graduates include Varand Toros-Adami, founder of Adami Music Academy, and a faculty member at Glendale as well as Ventura Community College. John Sarksian, faculty at Royal Academy in Canada. Loris Hovian, faculty at the Tehran university. Nazila Torbati-Nekourad, piano pedagog in Denver Colorado; and many others.


     Although acceptance to Adami Music Academy is highly competitive, this method accepts students from ages 5 and up, and insures that learning can be interesting and fruitful if done properly. 


     The Markarians method has always been a goal oriented approach, with the highest quality in mind. 


     With Adami Music Academy being the only institute that offers Markarians method, it insures that the entire education is according with the standards set forth by Magda Markarians, the author of Markarians Method. 

Markarians Method

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