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Adami Music Academy, Piano Lessons, Classical Piano Lessons, Piano Teacher, Music Teacher, Music Lessons.

Adami Music Academy


Adami Music Academy, Frederic Chopin, Piano Lessons, Classical Piano Performance, Music School, Piano Studio, Piano Teacher, Music Teacher.

“The Faculty at Adami Music Academy has guided me through the rudiments of piano over the past four years. Our weekly lessons always leave me encouraged. Mr. Adami himself is an excellent classical pianist and a wonderful, patient teacher.”

Jay H.

     "With youthful energy and plenty of experience, Ms. Gedeonyan engages students where they are and leads them forward with grace and aplomb. In a relatively short time, my son has flourished under the astute tutelage of Anoush Gedeonyan, who knows how to motivate and inspire without sacrificing high expectations. She also manages to sprinkle each lesson with fascinating anecdotes, historical musical trivia, and tangible analogies that help keep my son engaged in each lesson."


Shant S.

Portrait of F. Chopin by Varand Toros-Adami

     "My daughter Rivenka is 5 years old, and she has been training at Adami Music Academy for the past several months. I am delighted to say that Mr. Adami is an absolutely wonderful piano teacher. He is highly knowledgeable in piano theory and a very skilled pianist, and he implements the latest piano teaching methods in his classes. Mr.Adami is extremely caring and professional with gentle manner and he emphasizes attention to minute details when instructing. He constantly supports Rivenka to strive for excellence, and he teaches in a distinctly pleasant manner. On a personal level, he is kind, affable, and delightful. Rivenka is always excited to attend her classes with Mr.Adami! I certainly look forward to Rivenka’s training with him in the upcoming years, and I recommend him with absolutely no reservation!"

Adrin A.

     "Over the past year my son has been having piano lessons at Adami Music Academy. I have seen great improvement and progress with the help of Mr. Adami's teachings. The methods he uses are very effective and I am very happy at the way my son is progressing and the love he has developed for music."

Rebeka H.

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